Learning Agreement Unistrasi

Students can benefit from 30 credits per semester. For legitimate reasons, the number of credits can be extended to 37. In this case, the Erasmus coordinator of the student`s home university must submit an official application to the Learning Agreement Office (learning.incoming@unisi.it). We strongly advise exchange students to register for at least 20 credits when formulating their course at UNISI. Unistrasi was awarded the European language label eight times between 2004 and 2013. This award honours the quality of Unistrasi`s language projects, which give new impetus to language teaching and learning through innovative and effective teaching practices, raise awareness of European cultural and linguistic heritage and encourage individuals to take advantage of multilingual experiences throughout their lives. You don`t need to send a copy of your learning agreement to the Incoming Mobility Office before you arrive. If the agreement cannot be abandoned at the International Desk due to the blocking of COVID, it must be emailed to erasmus.out@unisi.it, then sent by recommended letter to the office: the additional option 2019: „After the last general update of the OLS, a new feature called „multilingualism“ was introduced, allowing mobility participants who have obtained a trial license from a higher education project (HE) and who have obtained a result equivalent to or greater than B2 to choose for themselves the language (s) they wish to learn. This option will be displayed on the screen just before the end of the test. The languages on offer are the language of learning (mainly English) and the national language of their destination country.

If a participant is connected to the course, it is unfortunately no longer possible to add, delete or modify the language of learning. To have the apprenticeship contract signed before you arrive in Siena, please send it to your Erasmus coordinator`s email address. – For all mobility before graduation, the apprenticeship contract must be handed over to the student`s office for approval by the school board before departure. Students taking Grade 3 courses must obtain the approval of the course committee. The University of Foreigners of Siena is a public university (higher level) that offers a variety of courses and conducts scientific research on the dissemination of Italian language and culture. Several research programmes and publications are developed by the university`s teachers in the fields of linguistic methodology, intercultural studies, Italian linguistics and language teaching, in particular ICT for language teaching (video, audio, computer equipment).