Service Agreement Information Kit

Note: Examples of duplication may be that you must provide the same information or data that you provided to DHHS, the Commonwealth government and accreditation bodies. Source: VAGO. These results did not fluctuate much if they were broken down by portfolio or division of DHHS. However, the results fluctuated between DHHS headquarters and department staff. Specifically, 56% of Headquarters staff reported spending five or more hours a day on other tasks, while between 15 and 25 per cent of the department`s staff spent five or more hours a day on the same tasks. This reflects the fact that central unit employees often manage service agreements as a secondary part of their role. Service agreements are an intersection between several priorities, including: DHHS provides training to contract service agents, including an introduction to service contract management and training focused on the use of relevant DHHS systems and monitoring established processes. „We are a small service organization in a small rural town. Our compliance requirements are well above the level of risk associated with providing the services we provide. Typical examples of the Exit Performance Index in service contracts are: The Funded Agency Channel is a secure website that allows funded organizations to access their service agreements, performance reports, DHHS policies and standards, and other support information. Figure E10 Question 10: To what extent do you agree with this statement: I get all the information I need from DHHS to understand how well my organization is working against the service agreement goals of our online survey of DHHS service agents also highlighted: Figure 2B shows the range of performance measures in five different service contracts for integrated services activities , in collaboration with the services requested in the specifications. It is encouraging that DHHS is already working to address these issues and significantly reform its function of managing service agreements. These problems suggest a lack of quality control and control across the service agreement system within DHHS.