Vantel Pearls Consultant Agreement

They have a wide range of products, such as beads, charms, cage necklaces, foot chains, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings, chains and extenders and much more. I think even if you`re super good at selling, you can gather people and make some sales in a day or in a few hours, I don`t think you can repeat the same thing every day. Just because I don`t think people need pearls in such large quantities. Anyway, I didn`t say Vantel Pearls was a scam. If you feel that this opportunity is designed for you and that you can succeed with Vantel, then you can join it. I wish you all kinds of success. Don`t forget to comment to me as soon as you have succeeded with Vantel. If you are a woman and you have a lot of friends, you can then sell because women tend to spend a lot of money on these products. But making consistent sales every month is really a challenge.

You cannot sell pearls, necklaces, rings, etc. to the same people every month. The fact that Vantel Pearl`s products contain real pearls makes them interesting and unique from a sales manufacturing point of view. But as I said, competition is something that must also be taken into consideration. Hey, Rufat! A friend of mine is „hosting“ a Pearl party. It was actually on Facebook Live, which was quite innovative, from what I see. I was at home to observe the children and observe the oyster holes! The consultant told us that recruitment was frozen due to the growing demand for Facebook Live parties. They are struggling to find enough oysters to support the demand for their jewellery. I`m not sure that`s true or not. As a customer, I think his jewelry is a little too expensive, but I haven`t seen him in person yet.

It`s an interesting concept that has been redone with social media because it`s been around for 24 years. I must say that you are completely wrong about your assumptions about Vantel. I have been a consultant at Vantel for more than 6 months and I bring back an average of 18ks per month. My sales have only increased every month since my launch. If you say that no one needs pearls to keep buying them… I have customers who have spent 5k on the entire catalog in 3 months! People are actually addicted to opening them to find the rarest colors they can find. The shutdown was set up because when fb started live and the pearls became a live party, it came out like wildfire and they couldn`t compete with our sales. They went from a jeweler to who knows how much now. They moved sites to a larger facility and hired more than 10 times the staff they had before. If you say you have to be a seller. No, you don`t. Trust me.

I`ve seen advisers who shouldn`t even be on a live video, and they sell thousands of dollars worth of jewelry in a party. Watching something very important when you sell something is the quality of the product. When I recorded it, I found that pearls are not at all what they are supposed to be, so I`m sorry for people who get addicted to these parties — they spend a lot of money on what they think is quality, but it`s pretty useless. How can people do that to the people they call their friends? People should just know what they are adjusting to. Read this review of a true pearl expert: I am a conchologist and I had to contact vantel pearls after seeing an online party. The councillor said they were freshwater pearls, but they were not freshwater shells. They use Akoya oysters and shellfish which are a species of salt water. When I asked Vantel how they could get freshwater pearls from saltwater oysters, she came back with an answer: „Yes, they were all salt water, but they have now gone into fresh water.“ To which I replied: „Oysters do not change at all, except from sex to the female, so what is going on here?“ At that time, they confessed to me that the dead akoyas beaded