Verizon Wireless Customer Agreement Pdf

We may change the prices or any other duration of your service or agreement at any time, but we will first provide notice, including a written notification if you have postpay service. If you use your service after the dive effect, it means that you accept the change. If you are a Postpay customer and a change to your plan or this contract affects you significantly, you can cancel the relevant service line without an early termination fee within 60 days of receiving the notification, if we do not cancel the change after you have communicated your objection to us. Notwithstanding this provision, the amendments to the dispute settlement provision of this agreement do not affect the resolution of disputes that occurred prior to this amendment. We do not provide explicit or unspoken assurances or guarantees, including, where possible, a tacit guarantee of caisibility or suitability for special use, via your service, wireless device or applications that you access via your wireless device. We do not guarantee that your wireless device is working properly or requires occasional upgrades or changes, or that it will not be negatively affected by network changes, upgrades or similar activities. If you are a prepaid customer and we send you messages, they will be immediately considered received if we send them to your wireless device or an email you have given us, or if we publish them as a precall notification about your service, or after three days if we send them to the most up-to-date address we have for you. If you need to send us messages, please send them to the prepaid customer service address at You agree to pay all access, usage and other charges incurred by you or any other user of your wireless device. If multiple wireless devices are connected to your account, you agree to pay all costs incurred by users of these wireless devices.

For fees based on time used or data sent or received, we round each fraction to the next full minute or, depending on how the data usage is charged to you, the nearest megabyte or gigabyte. For outgoing calls, the time of use begins when you press the send for the first time or when the call connects you to a network, and for incoming calls, it starts when the call connects to a network (which can take place before the ringing). The time of use may end several seconds after the pressure of the end or after the connection to the call. For calls on our network, we only charge for calls that receive a response, including machines. For Postpay Service, usage cannot always be processed immediately and can be included in a subsequent invoice, but usage is always charged on your surcharge for the month the service was used. If you are a Postpay customer, you can challenge your bill within 180 days of receipt, but unless it is otherwise provided or if they are challenging a fee because your wireless device has been lost or stolen, they must still pay all the fees until the dispute is settled.