Dbs Commercial Card Agreement

Currency Conversion Tax, which is collected by card associations Another card for SME entrepreneurs, Citi Business Card from Citibank Singapore, was introduced in 2005 to offer relevant products and services to many business owners in the prosperous and prosperous segment. „Expense management and reconciliation can be a problem, and some of our SME clients spend up to 40 hours a month. It is even more difficult to use their personal credit cards to make payments for expenses such as road taxes or office equipment. We accept both China Union Pay (CUP) debit and credit cards. The number of SMEs using UOB commercial credit cards has increased by more than 65 per cent over the past five years, and the survey showed that three out of five of these smes use the cards for travel and entertainment expenses abroad. In addition, the card offers free travel accident insurance and liability insurance. Banks target SMEs, especially their owners, with credit cards tagged on their businesses, but which enjoy personal benefits that are lacking in most commercial credit cards. In May, the United Overseas Bank (UOB) launched the UOB Regal business card for C-level SME executives, after conducting a joint investigation with Mastercard into how these people use their commercial credit cards. Vikas Kumar, Director of Cards and Private Loans at Citibank Singapore: „We see a great opportunity to record some of the business expenses with the Citi Business Card and to offer SME entrepreneurs the opportunity to better manage their cash flow with extended payment terms and savings in the form of rebates or rewards. Give your customers the extra comfort while reducing the risk and cost of managing cash with DBS Card Collection/POS System Services, specially designed for your business to allow your customers to pay in CNY at the time of purchase. We offer the pos machine that is safe and accept both Union Pay (CUP) debit and real-time credit cards. The survey also showed that travel and entertainment account for the bulk of credit card spending for 69 percent of business owners.

Desmond Ong, CEO of sME Galmon, said he liked to use the DBS World business card because it offers personal benefits, while keeping his business and personal expenses separate for simpler accounting and consolidation. Terms and conditions for the promotion of DBS business cards (the „promotion“): the promotional period is until June 30, 2020. This action is limited to Cardholders who charge at least 1,500 S per month on their new DBS Business Advance Debit Card („Card“) for the first month from the date of authorization of the card („Qualifying Expenditures“). Cashback is credited to qualified cardholders within 60 days of the last month in which related expenses have been honoured. The action only applies to cards that have not been cancelled or re-evaluated 6 months before the promotion begins or 6 months after the end of the promotional period.