Local 467 Master Labor Agreement 2018

16 of the authorities referred to in them are final and binding on them, except in cases of infringement in accordance with paragraph 4. ARTICLE IX LEARNING AND TRAINING 52. In order to have a sufficient supply of skilled craftsmen at all times, it was agreed among the parties that the apprenticeship complies with the learning standards developed by the Joint Health Industry Training and Training Committee and the construction of tubes and pipes and approved by the California Apprentice Council and/or the Bureau of Apprenticeship Training. 53. The local union business office and/or the J.A.T.C. note that all apprentices receive a diverse education in their respective trades. In the event of an apprentice`s transfer or imminent dismissal, the Union`s economic office shares the J.A.T.C 54. The Joint Training Committee consists of twelve (12) members, six (6) UNION-appointed members and six (6) executive-appointed members. The six (6) members of the Union are made up of the Business Manager and five (5) companions, mainly active in the different phases of the industry. The six (6) administrative representatives all have their main place of activity in the district of San Mateo and represent as much as possible the different phases of the industry. ARTICLE X WAGE SCHEDULE AND FRINGE BENEFITS 55. JOURNEYMAN AND APPRENTICE WAGE CLASSIFICATIONS. one.

There are six (6) mate classifications and three (3) apprentice classifications that are covered by this agreement to determine the total amount of contributions to retirement. The classification is based on the seniority of the industry in the context of the collective agreements concluded by the Union with the contracting parties and on the achievement of advanced levels of experience and status in trade. The applicable terms of the agreement apply in accordance with the classification obtained. Applications for classification must be submitted to the head of the institution/financial secretary of the Union and, as a result of its recommendations, the classification names are issued during the verification that the applicant has acquired the experience described below and that the employer has notified in writing that CLASSE 0 workers are made up of all workers who have not met class 1, 3, 5, 7 and 10 requirements. It is presumed that travellers have only Class 0 status unless, at the time of the first shipment, sufficient proof of the experience required for a higher classification is provided. 12 11 27. UP TO 2 DAYS OF SHIPPING. In the event that the Union does not send any worker within two (2) working days from receipt of the employer`s application upon receipt of the workers, the employer may employ a person, but within 24 hours of the start of employment, the employer may second from the Union Employment Office, and this lot is issued to the worker at the request of the union.